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No 4WD of any kind. They are just not our thing so we do not do 4x4s.
Also note we don't work on Commodores either. Our focus is classic cars and pick ups.

Hi quality engine swaps. Here at Kustom Bitz we are quite prepared to take on a variety of engine conversions for all sorts of reasons. It could be to update your favourite car, or make it more reliable, or maybe it would be just a cool thing to do.  Either way there is a lot to consider to make it fit, run nicely and if you want to maintain state registration then you can’t just go hacking out pieces of the floor and firewall to make it all fit.

Engine conversions 6 cylinder ford

Ford Jon Kasse engine conversion Ford Hemi Willy Gasser 

A lot of thought and time has to be put in to achieve a successful engine swap to get the right clearances and allow for engine accessories, steering and exhaust. The best conversions look factory and look relatively simple when done right and that’s what gets you through engineering and adds value to your car.

Holden V6 engine swap by Kustom Bitz 

Here at Kustom Bitz we can do as little or as much as you like. We can do the complete engine conversion including alternator and power steering pump bracket modifications and new fabrication through to custom headers, wiring and exhaust modifications.

Kustom Bitz EFI engine conversions for classic cars  Ford Cleveland V8 engine swaps by Kustom Bitz

V8 engine swaps, V6 engine conversions, 4 cylinder turbo swaps, 6 cylinder EFI conversions, EFI to carburettor conversions, if you have the imagination and the tenacity and funds to see it through then Kustom Bitz can get it done.

49 50 Ford MErcury engine conversion Ford Windsor 

From Hot Rods and dragsters, street machines or daily drivers if you want it done well and done properly then Kustom Bitz should be high on your list to talk to.

Please read through priced sections below too for Q and A on the subject.

Ford Thunderbird 390 HP 325hp engine 

Engine Conversions

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Custom Alternator brackets, air conditioning, Idler pulleys and Fan belts - Hot Rods, Kustoms, engine swaps
Engine Assembly
Engine diagnosis - Hot Rods & Customs
Engine Fitting
Engine Swaps and Engine Conversions V8, V6, straight six, 4 cyl
Oil Pans Sumps modified
Rack and Pinion Steering conversions - Custom one off steering racks converted
Supercharger Carby boost reference conversion
Supercharger Install or Diagnose

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