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Supercharger Carby boost reference conversion

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Stock Holley, QuickFuel, style carby conversion - Price From

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Having tuned a number of suprcharged cars I know you can't beat a proper pair of dedicated carbs from the factory that are sized and jetted as a pair and properly boost referenced. Failing that you have to convert a standard pair of carbies like this and then go to the dyno shop to set the jets and power valve. The carburettor conversion is something we can do here and have done a few now.

I have also seen carburettors purchased that have supposed to be boost referenced and the old vacuum ports are not blocked off or are not blocked off in a safe way so as not to damage the engine. So just be aware of this and I can check them for you if you are in doubt at all.

I have over 40 years experience with Holley based carburettors and I do not confess to being any kind of expert but I certainly know what every orrifice and passage in those carby's dose, how it is supposed to work and when it comes in.

The consequnces of not having the proper carby set up on your supercharged engine is an engine that is running way too rich at certain times during normal street driving and this leads to rapid piston and rings ware and possibly engine failure. Resulting in the engine having to come out and be pulled down and rebuilt. We can also diagnose if this has already happened to your engine or roughly how far your engine has deteriorated in this condition.  The worst case I have seen is in an engine that was brand new reconditioned it took only 2,000kms to trash the pistons and the rings due to the lack of lubricating oil left on the cylinder walls becasue the engine was running that rich.

This is not a product - It is service we can offer you to convert your carbies.

Price is indicative. All work is done at an hourly rate, plus parts, plus materials.

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