Gasser Dragster Project
Ford Anglia 105e 2 door sedan
Kustom Bitz general dog's body Ron Smith has as his current personal project this Ford Anglia which was purchased as a roller but unfinished and quite rough but none the less it had some racing history running a 4 cylinder a few years back and then was set up to run a Valiant straight six hemi 265 however I am unsure if it ever ran the quater mile with the six cylinder engine at all.

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  Pic Dec 2011
This Angry Anglia is going to run a Ford Crossflow six cylinder 250 cubic inch engine running our AussieSpeed performance intake manifold and other AussieSpeed engine parts. We are also developing a range of Gasser front axle parts so anyone can easily build a  gasser dragster with a straight axle and use all our Lakes Hot Rod Parts stub axles and modern brakes. The whole idea behind this car is to be cheap, safe and fun. It is not a show car, yet it will showcase our products. Also I am strapped for time most days so I cannot not afford it to turn into a time consuming epic.

This page is set up with the most recent pics first and the older project photos last. Click on any of the pictures to see a larger one.
January 2013 - Anglia Gasser back from the Paint shop and re-assembly has started.


November 2012 - Alot of body work was required before it went of to the paint shop. The car was real rusty around the back and had been hit a few times so it needed alot of flipper and dolly work to get it reasonable. The front lower sections were customised quite alot to get the look right, this is one area I thought was real ugly on the Anglia's so when the gaurd was reworked for the 15 inch front wheels I blended that whole area.

Ford Anglia gasser drag car body repair 

October 2012 - Rear boot space needed some added strength to protect the fuel cell and battery and some extended brackets into the wheel wheel allows for proper hyd shockers to be installed instead of the friction shocks that the Anglia originally came with

 April 2012 - Our Gasser style front straight axle needs to be well supported for when I pop the wheels of the ground at the drags so alot of thought has gone into these front spring shackle mounts to tie in the roll cage, the front subframe and incorporate a 40mm square tube front chassis cross member to transfer torque loads from one side of the chassis to the other as well as provide for a radiator and front moon style tank mount. 
Gasser Front Axle Installation started by installing the front mounts for the spring shackles. These mounting plates are available through Kustom Bitz in a few different variations now. The whole idea here is to tie the front roll bar extensions to the subframe and the front suspensions mounts for the gasser style front axle in a strong and rigid manner.  The front mount on the drivers side is set up to use a front steer HQ Holden steering box and the box is positioned relative to the front spring shackle to get the drag link in the right position once all the springs and our Lakes Hot Rod Parts spindles and Kustom Bitz straight axle are installed.
One of the problems with buying an old race car is that someone elses idea of what is ok and what is not can be quite different. In this case the car has been pretty much butchered in the past and nothing that has gone into the car before I got it is totally square. So as you can see from the pic on the left above, the only thing left in the frame that is square is the original back cross piece in the subframe that is spot welded in originally by Ford, so this became our new datum point for all measurements. The front axle must be square in the chassis so I line up the front shackle mounts with a piece of 3/4 water pipe, I get the body level then the water pipe level and then square it up to the datum line, now tack it all in.
Above the KustomBitz front gasser axle suspension mount needs to be tack welded together on the car to get the subframe width spot on, then the shackle mount needs to be fully welded up in the vice before getting welded into the drag car. 
May 2012 - Bonnet is reworked for the Holley carb and supercharger blower dirve clearance. Gap at the back of the bonnet will close down on an ally plate that will mount the mechanical fuel pressure gauge, oil pressure and temperature gauge. Bonnet gaps were corrected and bonnet prepared for paint.
April 2012 Roll bar hoop ties were developed to look cool as well as be functional
Feb 2012 to increase the rigidity of the car proper trianglation of the roll cage frame was needed, so extra bars were added where they would do the most good. The best way to get a drag car to run straight is to make it rigid
Jan 2012 - To increase the strength of the Anglia the front roll cage had to extend into the engine bay. I cut out all the old inner gaurds but left the subframe intact so as not to increase my work load by cutting out too much of the original frame.
Nov 2011 Had to rework the seat & steering position for my lanky fat arse and check how the crossflow was going to fit

July 2011 - I was not real keen on the paint and it was all cracked an pealling off anyway apart from that it was in reasonably good shape for its age and had minimal rust problems

All the products listed below were used to build this nostalgic dragster

Ford Anglia 105e Gasser Drag Car

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Ford crossflow 4.1 Finned tall alloy valve cover - Polished Fins and sides
Ford crossflow 4.1 super tall alloy valve cover - Panel Top Polished
Ford crossflow Inlet manifold Insulated spacer - goes between head and manifold
Ford Crossflow six cylinder Street Cam Stage 2 – Hot Rod Cams series by Kustom Bitz
Ford XF Falcon crossflow 250ci [4.1 ltr] Alloy Head 4 barrel manifold - Holley Flange
Ford XF Falcon crossflow 250ci [4.1 ltr] Alloy Head engine 2 barrel manifold - Holley Flange for mild or near stock engines
Ford XF Falcon crossflow 250ci [4.1 ltr] Alloy Head engine 2 barrel manifold race only applications - Holley Flange
Ford XF Falcon crossflow 250ci 2 barrel manifold Plenum Pig - Suits AS0015 2 brl intakes
Ford XF Falcon crossflow 250ci and EA-AU 4.0 OHC 4 barrel manifold Plenum Pig - Suits AS0016 & AS0012 4 brl intakes
General Purpose Mild Steel Gusset 100 x 60 right angle triangle - Weld on Gussets
Header Plate Extractor Head Side Flange 10mm - Ford Crossflow 4.1ltr 6cyl Mild Steel - 1 3/4 inch pipes
Leaf Spring Diff hanger
Mild Steel Chassis Bracket LONG OFFSET to 40mm round tube with 3 x 5/8 hole. 93mm high x 93mm wide
Roll Bar / Roll Cage to Body tie in plate - Flat 132 x 70 mm
Roll Bar / Roll Cage to Body tie in plate - Thin Flat Tappered 30 to 35 mm
Roll Bar / Roll Cage to Body tie in plates (pair) - Round 42mm O.D. pipe
Valve Spring retainers Chromoly - suit Ford Crossflow engines - Crow Cams 12700 - 12 Pack 6 Cyl

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