Torana A9X custom made rear pan hard bar 9" Diff

 by kustombitz on 08 Mar 2019 |
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Back in the day Group C racing one of the tricks to get the Holden Torana to handle nice and be more predictable in corners was to fit a rear pan hard bar to give much better diff locating than the OEM triangulated 4 bars offered.  However the body, subframe and floor pan at the rear is no where near strong enoungh to concentrate the loads of pan hard bar in any one spot, so it has to be carefully planned and constructed, especially so in a street car like this that we cannot put a full roll cage in. You see in a race car I can place the roll cage in a position to pick up such loads placed on the pan hard bar brackets, but in this situaton we couldn't.

The picture above is with the unit installed, keep in mind the car was just a shell so no weight was in it and the rear is sitting high. Once the full wieght of the car is on, it will sit fairly level.  It retains the original triangulated 4 bars however we run PU bushes in the bottom arms and ordinary rubber in the top arms. So the lower arms and pan hard bar do the locating and the top arms have some give so they don't bind with the pan hard bar.


Mark Wust - Comment
Mark Wust18 Aug 2020Reply
Could this be offered in kit form for those who live interstate?
I have a 9" in my hatch and have often wondered about installing a panhard bar.
kustombitz - Comment
kustombitz18 Aug 2020Reply
Sorry no because each time a car comes in the diff conversion brackets and little nuisances of each modified car have each been a little different to the last one, there by making a standard kit to fit every car not that practical for a small operator like me. This is why when you buy kits and they don't always fit ... hence there by which a lot of cars end up in my workshop to be sorted out. That what I do, I just sort shit out. Regards Ron.

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