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Fuel Tanks - Fabricated

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Mild steel Fabricated fuel tanks and alterations - price from

Product Description
New fuel tanks and fuel tank alterations for Hot Rods and Customs.  So why are our tanks so expensive, there are plenty of aftermarket mass produced fuel tanks around in speed shops at a quarter of our price and other tank shops that will knock up a square alloy tank for half that. We know and we use those tanks too in our customer's cars when they suit the application, but when you want to maximise the fuel carrying capacity in a small space, thats where we fit in.  Also a lot of the aftermarket tanks are more for race cars and do not suit passenger cars with functional boot spaces and different filler necks.

Supercharged cars in particular or cars running on E85 require bigger tanks to get the same range as the car might have had before. So unless you have a pickup truck where you can just install a big tank in the bed, then some cleverness is requred to maximise the tank size within the available space. Add to that the fuel system requirements of a modern EFI performance engine and thats where you might be in trouble with a cheap off the shelf unit or just a square box type tank.

We like to make them from cold rolled panel steel becasue one, thats what we predominatly work with and two, it is less likely to crack in a major crash, thus keeping the fuel in the tank. Cold rolled mild steel is more likely to deform and crush long before other materials like alloy and stainless steel, they tend to crack near the welded edges when crushed to failure.  There is nothing wrong in constructing a tank from Alloy or stainless steel, however alloy really needs to be installed with steel tank straps due to long term fatuige issues with alloy, which can make some cars look like a race car and some owners do not want that look.  Building fuel tanks in mild steel allows us some engineering cleverness to over come the limitations of the other materials.

Careful consideration to venting and tank baffles, especially tank surge baffles towards the filler neck to slow surging fuel splashing back up there with too much force and hence less likely hood of weeping fuel over the cars paint.

We have also done some after market motor cycle fuel tank alterations to get them to fit a particular bike frame.

All our tanks are set up as a grivity feed outlet to suit aftermaket fuel pumps.

So the main limitation of mild steel fuel tanks is it can rust from the inside, just like an OEM tank can. So what we do is line each of our newly constructed tanks in a polimer coating that is impervious to all fuels including E85.

What we do not work on
1.  Sorry but we are not interested in fixing your old rusting tank that is full of pin holes and stinking old fuel.
2.  We do not do 4x4 long range tanks
3.  We do not do any Diesel tanks.
4.  We do not work on any Commodores

This is not a product - It is an example of our fabrication and engineering skills.

Price is indicative. All work is done at an hourly rate, plus parts, plus materials.

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