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Ford Hot Rod Chassis construction 1932 new reproduction Street Rod chassis with IFS

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Newly constructed Hot Rod chassis by Kustom Bitz. Priced From

Product Description
32 Ford B model Hot Rod Chassis by Kustom Bitz using state of the art components for the new street rod chassis construction. We can also do 28 to 29 A model hiboy on pinched 32 rails and 30 to 31 Improved A model on 32 rails.  The early A model chassis are quite weak because they are only 4 inches deep through the middle, you can really increase chassis rigity by putting 32 rails under your A model because the 32 rails are 6 inches deep throught the middle. It does mean however altering the floor pan in your A model body but worth considering if building a hot rod from scratch with big hp engine.

All chassis leave our workshop with the first stage engineering paperwork for Hot Rod rego from an independant automotive engineer recognised by VicRoads. A Kustom Bitz chassis is manufactured to meet the Australian Street Rod Federation national guidelines for Street Rod Chassis Construction.

Chassis Prices start from $18,500 through to $50,000AUD depending on brake and diff options etc.
All work is done at an hourly rate + parts + materials + engineering. 

Yes there are a lot of cheap 32 Ford Hot Rod Chassis advertised, I see them too, a lot of back yard stuff and chassis parts vary greatly as well. Ok I guess if cheap is what drives you. Most don't look that strong to me, some chassis are not laid out properly for all the componets and I have found you don't know what compromises in geometry have been made until you can't fit stuff in correctly.  I know this because I have re-engineered quite a few of them now, I have found its more expensive to correct cheap stuff than buying the better one in the first place. So a Kustom Bitz chassis costs what it costs, to do it properly and with quality parts.

Double click on any of the pics on our web site to view a more detailed larger picture.

All chassis contruction is tig welded in our own jigs developed by Kustom Bitz for repeatable accuracy and exceptional quality.  Chassis can be tailored to suit the style of rod you want to build for example they can be stepped in at the rear, stepped up, bobed, pinched, stretched, etc.  To the average punter they may think all chassis for the same model that they see at a hot rod show are all the same, this is just not the case.  The winning top hot rods are properly planned for the look and style that the owner wants to achieve.

Kustom Bitz makes and designs most chassis parts in house, we also use parts by others when practical to do so, or where those parts may be superior and it makes sense to use them, or because the customer has already bought parts. In addition to the chassis construction Kustom Bitz can set up the engine mounts, headers, exhaust, steering rack, brakes, tail shaft, diff, diff centre, hand brake, brakes lines, ADR approved braided brake hoses, fit the body, steering column and steering links. Kustom Bitz can take the Hot Rod from the Chassis conception, body fit out right up to painting stage if required. However we do not paint we are primarily set up for fitting, engineering and fabrication.

Kustom Bitz has a few brake options for both the IFS and I beam front ends. From our reliable street brakes using standard Ford and Holden parts to big brake upgrades and the use of Wilwood brake components right up to 14 inch diameter rotors and six pot calipers.

The best way to save money building a hot rod is not to build one at all. The other way to save is buy something second hand but you may not get what you want exactly and you may be buying problems too. It can cost more to rework poorly designed chassis and shody workmanship than paying for a good one in the first place so beware. Everything on a hot rod has to be made and fitted by hand, they are labour intensive you cannot avoid that. To pass engineering inspections it just has to be right you cannot cut corners. If your budget is real tight you are better off building a late 1950's or 1960's car that is more about restoring, repairing and painting and not re-engineering the chassis and driveline from scratch like an early Hot Rod or heavily modified custom car requires.

If you know what you want and you want it done properly then Kustom Bitz should be high on your list of hot rod shops to visit. We are not a cheap backyard operation so bargain hunters need not apply.  If all you look at is the price then don't come here, good work takes time and effort, and requires well designed, good parts. We don't cut corners and we don't mess about. You will find our rates are quite affordable.

Think carefully about what you want and what parts you can afford.
Building a Hot Rod from scratch can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life and one of the bigger expenses you will ever take on so make sure you are well thought out and you settle on what you want and not what your mates says you need, if you like a particular trend then build it that way, even if it is an old trend, but don't try to follow new trends when it is half built, for that is the best way for an expense blow out and causes alot of projects to stall.  When it is finished you need to be able to look at it every time you walk past it in the shed and say .... "yeap that's what I always wanted".

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