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Cross Ram Adaptors - Raw Casting

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Cross Ram Adaptors - Raw Casting Holley Flange

Product Description
Part#AS0088R – 1 x AussieSpeed Cross Ram Adaptor raw casting, priced and sold as individual units. If you are looking for a crazy carb set up for your old ‘skool hot rod’ then a pair of these sitting on top of any dual 4 barrel carb manifold or tunnel ram with twin bug catchers will get the crowds gasping for air. However they do have a practical purpose too, I hear you laugh, but really the idea behind them is that you can fit 2 x Impco 300A type LP gas carbies with the Holley type base plates on a low riser dual 4 barrel manifold. Typically these Impco 300A carbies are rated at around 400 odd cfm and only one on a 350 with a healthy cam and heads you may find a bit asthmatic, so these cross ram adaptors allow you to get two in and on some pickup trucks keep it all hidden under the bonnet. They also fit our GM 4/71 2 x 4 barrel carb adaptor so you could run LP gas through a 4/71 Jimmy. As for tunning - these work well with LP gas because you do not have the atomisation problems that you can have with liquid based fuels. If you are after that crazy carb set up for your rod then we have thought of that too by having a rather open plenum from the carbie then towards the manifold side we have duplicated the 4 x holes to help fuel distribution. However if you are a novice engine tuner then our advice is to run 2 x small 465 or 600cfm vacuum secondary carbies and select a camshaft with no more than 210deg duration @ .050 and a lobe separation angle of no less than 110deg to keep the air speed high in the intake runners, and if you must run a bigger cam then choose something with a lobe separation angle of 112 to 114deg and no more than 219deg @ .050 and preferably on a 350ci or larger capacity engine. This should keep it a streetable set up but it will require some finesse on your behalf.

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