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Ford 351 Windsor Pushrods - Super Duty Hardened 1 piece standard OEM length -0.070", 8.100"

Overall Rating :
Standard length push rods - Original engine spec length less 70 thou

Product Description

Part# PR-988-16 - Crow Cams super duty 0.080 wall thickness hardened heat treated high carbon steel, 1 piece push rods to suit a Ford 351 Windsor Engine. Standard length - 0.070" at 8.100 inch. Hardened - will suit early 289 heads with guide cast in the head and heads with pushrod guide plates installed.

This push rod length is shorter than standard and may not be suitable for engines that do not have adjustble rocker arms installed. However if your engine has been reconditioned with the heads shaved and the block decked and you are using non adjustable type rocker arms it maybe work out ok.

The 351 Windsor engines deck height was 1 inch taller than a 289 or 302, so it uses longer push rods. 351 Windsors made from 1969 through to 1978 1/2 used a 8.170 inch long pushrod. Later engines made from 1978 1/2 used a 8.205" long pushrod. 

The earlier 289 and 302 heads that had adjustable cast rocker arms [fulcrum type] used 6.825" length rods. Where as the later positve stop cast rocker arms used the longer 6.905" length pushrods. If you have an imported Windsor from the USA it may have pressed steel rocker arms similar to our Cleveland engines, it used 6.883" length push rods. And if your engine is machined then you will just have to check your rocker arm geomerty to ensure you have the correct length rods, there really is no other way if you want to ensure it is right.

The USA built Boss 302 ran a 7.595" for 1969 and ran a 7.660" length pusrod for 1970. The Boss 302 was in essense a Windsor block with Cleveland heads. Hence the odd length.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please ensure you select the right length push rod for your engine. You can usually find the dimension in your engines' workshop manual specifications. Failing that you can measure them.  KustomBitz will change over pushrods if you order the wrong length however it will cost you a 35% restocking fee plus the additional cost in shipping.

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